A cloud-based telephony solution that adapts to how you do business in today's business climate

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Business Phone Systems

Your phone system should be as agile, if not more, than your business needs. It should adapt to the current change on how many companies run their business. From the office, to shared spaces, to hot-desking, to working from home, or a a hybrid scenario - your phone system should adapt to your needs.

Atom Telecom’s Hosted Voice solution, does just that! Have confidence in an enterprise level, carrier grade solution that adapts to your business needs.


Advanced telephony features for call handling, call management and productivity, that simplifies and amplifies your business communication needs.


With our white label web portal, you can changes features, add new extensions, update call flows, view call records in real time, listen to call recordings, access to webRTC and so much more.

Office Mobility

You are never tied to a physical location - make and receive calls wherever you are. With our Mobile Phone Integration feature, you can even use your mobile phone (without the need of any additional mobile apps).

Automatic Upgrades

Our Hosted Voice service is constantly being upgraded and improved, at no extra cost to you. Unlike traditional PBXs which need expensive upgrades as time goes on, our Hosted Voices service is always up to date with the latest features.

Enterprise Grade

Geo-redundant solution that is powered by not one, but two, enterprise grade cloud infrastructure by AWS and Google Cloud.

Advanced Call Features

Empower your business with a range of advanced telephony features, that is both powerful and easy to use. Power is only useful when it’s easy to use - and we’ve made it super easy.

IVR (auto attendant) and Conditional Announcements

Easily create IVR flows, with our point and click portal, with support for time and day based announcements.

Hunt Groups

Create multiple departmental or solution groups, each with multiple stages of how the call is handled.

Call Recording

Record calls in stereo, not only for on an extension level, but also on a hunt group level.


Powerful voicemail controls with real time speech-to-text transcription that can be easily listened (or read) on the user portal, or delivered to your inbox.


Use your web browser to make and receive calls, send a text or instant message , and even start a video call.

Mobile Phone Integration

Integrate your mobile phone to the Hosted Voice service, without the need for any additional app! Not only can you make and receive calls, but also have a virtual private assistant by your side at all times.

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